Zak Santiago

A modern day Renaissance man, Zak is a Golden Gloves winning boxer, popular nightclub DJ, classically trained musician, flamenco dancer, stuntman and a talented actor. Zak is cast as Matt in Random Acts of Romance.

Among his acting credits is a series lead in the N Network comedy ‘The Assistants’, series regular in the PAX/NBC series ‘Young Blades’, series regular on the popular Canadian series ‘Robson Arms’ and many recurring and guest starring roles in episodic television.

Most recently, he has completed filming ‘Smoke Screen’ with Jamie Pressly, and also has a recurring role on the compelling television series’ ‘Caprica’ and ‘Stargate Universe’. Other recent credits include ‘Psych’, ‘The Front’, ‘At Risk’, ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘Human Target’. Last year he co-starred alongside Steven Segal in ‘Driven to Kill’.

Zak has supporting roles in the Emmy nominated mini-series ‘Alice’, and in the MOW ‘A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story’, as well as the thriller ‘Canes’ with Michael Madsen, and ‘Underclassman’ with Cheech Marin. He also shot the Christmas comedy feature ‘Deck The Halls’ with Danny De Vito and Matthew Broderick. With a guest starring role on the USA hit television series ‘Smallville’ and a leading role in the Lifetime MOW entitled ‘A Family Lost’, Zak is always working.

Zak won a Leo Award in 2004 for best supporting actor in the lauded ‘Human Cargo’, and was praised for his supporting lead work as one of the terrorists in A&E’s ratings blockbuster ‘Flight 93’. In 2006 Zak was nominated for another acting Leo for his work on ‘Young Blades’. Other credits include the feature films ‘Shooter’ with Mark Wahlberg, ‘The Eye’ with Jessica Alba, ‘Underclassmen’ with Nick Cannon, ‘Josie and the Pussy Cats’, ‘Trixie’ produced by Robert Altman, and a supporting role in ‘Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal’ with Rutger Hauer.

Zak has also had numerous Recurring and Guest Starring roles for episodic television shows, including: ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’, ‘Intelligence’, ‘The L Word’, ‘Godiva’s’, ‘Stargate SG-‘1, TNT’s hit series ‘Saved’, and a guest starring role in the crime drama ‘The Evidence’, opposite Orlando Jones.

As a DJ, Zak has played throughout Canada, the US and Europe, and has played with some of the world’s biggest names including DJ AM, Miguel Migs, Marques Wyatt, and DJ Spider. His residency at Bar None in Yaletown, Vancouver is the longest and most legendary tenure in the country. In his twelfth year at the club, Zak continues to break new tracks, new artists, and new genres, all the while keeping the spot full with the city’s most dynamic people. Zak formed the DJ duo Los Hermanos Libres with Flipout in 1999; they are reputed to be the baddest sound system in Canada, selling out shows for their rare appearances. They have opened for artists including JayZ, Mobb Deep, Ludacris, Afrika Bambatta and Busta Rhymes.

While passionate about acting and making music, Zak’s first love is dance. Zak has studied classical ballet and flamenco extensively for many years. In 1998, Zak ended his amateur boxing career to focus exclusively on dance. In 2000 he was accepted to Madrid’s world-renowned Amor de Dios Academy where he studied under several legends of flamenco.