VIFF RaoR Synopsis

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Love is never perfect, and director Katrin Bowen’s follow-up to Amazon Falls (VIFF 10) shows us just how messy it can be. This anti-romantic comedy revolves around two couples whose relationships are falling apart: David and Holly, newlyweds who have quickly settled into a monotonous married life; and Dianne and Matt who are headed for trouble. Other players in this tangled web of love are quirky singles, including an eccentric receptionist who favours stalking her conquests, and a self-involved, bachelor-playboy who treats women like disposable pleasures.

Sanctuary star Amanda Tapping shines as Diane, the fed-up wife who sacrificed her career to be with, and eventually marry, her former student Matt–a sacrifice that continues to wedge itself between them. Vulnerable and frustrated, Diane is ready to leave, if given the right provocation. Meanwhile, Holly and David live in blissful ignorance… until fate plots a collision course for these two couples. Here, Bowen throws intense characters into extreme relationship situations. The result is a hilarious exploration of the crazy and obsessive behaviours that spring from that thing called love. The story is paced like an emotional roller coaster, punctuated by moments of uncomfortably familiar humour, as characters confront situations we can all identify with. No doubt, Bowen’s film proves that it’s love’s imperfection that makes us all human.

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