Jillian Mannion

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Jill is a screenwriter and journalist who lives in Dundee, Scotland. She attempted to write her first television series at the age of fourteen and received encouragement from Britain’s famous Channel 4. She attended Vancouver Film School’s “Writing For Film and Television” course where she graduated top of her class and received an award for excellence in screenwriting.
She co-wrote “Random Acts Of Romance” during her time at VFS and met director Katrin Bowen while she was there. On hearing that Katrin was looking for a low-budget feature film, Jill sent the script to the director who then came onboard the project.
After graduating from VFS, Jill worked for the BBC before moving into fiction journalism. Her heist screenplay “Chances Are” reached the quarter finals of the Page Screenwriting Awards and she has just finished writing her sixth screenplay which is a spin-off of “Random Acts Of Romance”.
Jill has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, plays roller derby and loves to bake. As well as writing feature films, she also writes television scripts and animation. She can be contacted at jillianxsmith(AT)yahoo.co.uk.