Kevin McComiskie

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Kevin is a Scottish based screenwriter who resides in not so sunny Glasgow. After graduating from Vancouver Film Schools Writing for Film and Television programme in 2006, he headed back home with empty pockets and a head full of ideas.
He soon found himself working by day behind the camera on various film and television productions as an Assistant Director, most notably the legendary Scottish drama River City. However writing was always Kevin’s first passion and by night he continued to pursue his screenwriting career.
Random Acts of Romance which Kevin co-wrote during his time at VFS was conceived with the intention to get it produced in the UK. Fortunately, Katrin got to it first and the rest is history. The film will be Kevin’s first produced feature length screenplay.
Other notable credits in Kevin’s writing portfolio include I, Stalker (Directed by none other than Katrin Bowen) which was screened at the 2006 CanWest Comedy Festival. The film took the award for Best Actor and was nominated for Best Film.
Kevin also recently completed a television pilot for a series which he co-created and wrote entitled Staked: a high concept/low brow comedy about one man’s journey to becoming a vampire.
When Kevin isn’t writing he can be found enjoying married life (seriously), engrossing himself in hockey and pointlessly tweeting about nothing and everything @failuretowrite.
All thoughts, comments, critiques or queries about Kevin and his writing can be sent to He promises a prompt reply. As long as you’re nice.