Day 17 on set: It’s a wrap!!!!

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After 17 great days of filming, the cast and crew pose together before saying goodbye.  Katrin Bowen (centre) Zak Santiago, Amanda Tapping, Robert Moloney, production and crew.

7 Responses to “Day 17 on set: It’s a wrap!!!!”

  1. David Biron

    I don’t see one of your cast member; Katharine Isabelle. Where is she? She was part of the film, I think…

    • liandra

      Hi David, she was part of the cast but not on set when the photo was taken.

  2. Aerii

    I love the people popping through the curtains in the back!!!

  3. Random Acts of Romance

    This was our last day katharine wasn’t in that day. She’s in toronto shooting Flashpoint. I feel blessed to have had such a talented cast on the show.