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Dirty Pink Shoes

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I had a first date with an Australian girl. She came to my door, and I noticed she had these old 80’s style pink shoes with a big pink flower on the toes. And, they were really dirty. I’m a guy, and so I don’t really get uptight about these things but in retrospect it…

your life sounds so perfect….

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I met a guy through work, he asked me out and I agreed. Since i drove and he didn’t I offered to pick him up.  I got there and he asked if i could give his mother a lift into town. I agreed it wasn’t out of my way. She sat in the front with…

Bean-e-Weenies for Dinner?

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I was set up on a first date with one of my old high school friend’s friend. Let’s call him Bob. He was several years older and had a job, so I expected we would go out and do something fun for our first date. When I arrived at his house he informs me that…