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Dirty Pink Shoes

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I had a first date with an Australian girl. She came to my door, and I noticed she had these old 80’s style pink shoes with a big pink flower on the toes. And, they were really dirty. I’m a guy, and so I don’t really get uptight about these things but in retrospect it…

Worst Dinner

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While we were on our first date (and last date), eating dinner at a restaurant, he asked if I wanted to watch a movie after. It was getting late and I’d already told him I had to get up early for an exam the next day so politely reminded him of that and declined. That…

A Bit Too Enthusiastic

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When I was 41 I decided to try dating a younger man. He was 24. He came over to my apartment. We were going dancing. In preparation for dancing, he hopped up and down on my patio for 20 minutes while shouting encouraging words to himself. I ditched him at the club.